Hailing from Bangkok, Thailand, Purida Theeraphong is always a standout in the crowd with her chari *** a and the enthusia *** she has in caring for others. Since childhood, she has been surrounded by family members who are food aficionados. For her, food bonds and nurtures relationships. And, it was on this premise that she chose to be a chef.

Tracing her blazing career track, Purida worked in Australia and the U.S. for over 15 years, thereafter returning home to Thailand and served as Executive Chef of various restaurants, among which were Radisson Hotel Phuket and the Muse Hotel Bangkok. Her stints between east and west included well coveted Michelin recognitions for restaurants she worked with. While highly proficient in traditional Thai cuisine, she also has a wealth of experience in western food accumulated over the years across the world. Fast forward to date, her fame as a chef earned her the title as Ambassador of Thai Touri *** , promoting food culture and touri *** of Thailand worldwide. With in-depth understanding of food cultures and restaurant operations around the world, she also manages "Experience" for star-rated restaurants, just as she does today at KEAAMI with owner-operator of TIAGO Group, Katie Li, in Beijing.

Global Gourmet takes great pleasure in sharing an exclusive interview with Purida Theeraphong with valued readers, associates, and professionals in the food and beverage service industry.


Purida Theeraphong来自曼谷,极富亲和力,尤其善于照顾他人。她来自一个热爱美食的家庭,对于她而言,食物是人与人之间关系的维系,正式因为这种信念,她选择成为一名厨师。


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15年来,Purida先后在澳大利亚和美国工作,回到泰国之后,在多家餐厅担任行政总厨,其中包括普吉岛雷迪森酒店和曼谷缪斯酒店。她在纽约、曼谷工作的多家餐厅获得米其林星级荣誉。Purida精通传统泰餐,同时也深谙西餐之道,多年的经验让她成为“泰国旅游形象大使”,努力向全世界推广泰国的美食文化。对世界各地美食文化和餐饮经营管理的深刻了解,也让她来到北京与TIAGO集团的创始人Katie Li合作管理KEAAMI餐厅。

《环球美味》很荣幸地对Purida Theeraphong进行了独家专访,将她的真知灼见分享给我们的读者,以及餐饮服务行业的朋友们。


Brief us on your experience winning the Iron Chef Competition and how it contributed to your chef's career.

请介绍一下您赢得Iron Chef比赛的情况,这样的经历对你的职业生涯有什么影响?

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